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Another joyous day for the Wallbanks! Amanda and Will get married! Pics here

Latest News


Happy New Year! The Wet Coast Wallbanks return from their Mexican Invasion 2009 tour! Pics here


New Xmas Photos Now Online! Click Here!


Congratulations Duncan and Tara! Little Logan John Angus was born today just after 8am. Coming in at 8lbs and 4 oz, mother and baby are doing well!


It was my turn! After much haranguing by Dad, I got a 1950 Ford F1 pickup truck on ebay! Click here for the auction and pix of the truck.


Dad buys a 1951 Ford F3 pickup truck on ebay! Click here for the auction and pix of the truck.


Happy Birthday Phillip! Today Phillp turns 60!


Please block out 2 hours of your busy schedule and go here Do yourself a favor and watch the movie there about what is going on with the U.S. (and Canada), the Middle East and eventually the whole world.


Congratulations Tara and Duncan Smith! These two wonderful people tied the knot at 2:30 today at Cecil Green House in UBC. Pictures are available here.


Sarah's got herself a new ranch! Thanksgiving to be held there this year. Give her a shout for an invite.


By request, a large version of Janet and David on the tandem bike is now in the photos section.


Ayla's grad photos are now in the photo album.


A couple new photo albums have been uploaded


New blog functionality. See above. Just so you don't have to go into the blog to see if there's any new jewels of wisdom since the last time you checked.


The Blog is up! Check it out


Duncan Smith is also getting hitched! My buddy Duncan's tying the knot with his fiancee Tara on September the 28th. It's going to be Scottish Traditional and I've been asked to be the best man. I get to wear a kilt! Expect the photos to be well worth seeing.


A friend of mine, Ken Rolston, is being wrongly slandered by an unscrupulous individual. You can read about it on Ken's new site, Please help him out by putting a link on your own website, blog or myspace page, and you'd be doing us a favor.


Sarah gets hitched! Sarah Wallbank and Taka Ohya get married in a ceremony in downtown Vancouver. Pics available in the photos section.